Marcin Staniszewski Bio

Chief Technology Officer / Scientist / Entrepreneur

MS graduate (Specialty: Material Engineering) from the University of Akron OH, USA. Experienced scientist and engineer with managerial practice and business development. Works toward innovative technologies with a global impact on human life, environment and economy

Professional experience

Several years of experience in R&D obtained at the US companies developing novel technologies within the material and optoelectronic field. Member of the scientific team cooperating with NASA – Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH generating solutions utilized in the aviation and space aircrafts. Scientific engeneering project with NASA, ended with patent publication around plane engines technologies, purchased and marketed today by Boeing Inc. At AB S.A. back in Poland (IT industry) Sales Support Operating Manager, managing 130 HC and 20M pln budget, responsible for operations, back office and logistics Founder and CEO of the innovative company SDS Optic Member of the Polish-American Business Center in Boston, MA, USA

Core speciality

Development of the technologies and solutions based on the market needs within the optoelectronic and biotechnology field

Worked for

AB S.A. – Wrocław, Poland, The University of Akron and NASA Research Center – Akron, OH, USA. Currently CEO at the SDS Optic Sp. z o.o. and member of Lublin Medicine Claster head by Mayor of Lublin.


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